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What a weekend!

Troy complains that I never write in here anymore, so here's an update about my crazy weekend.

I'm all set to spend the day Saturday working on homework, catching up, etc. So around noon I get a phone call from Christine Seal (nee Corcoran), Melody and Carrie Corcoran who are all in Chicago and who remembered that I told them when they come they should give me a ring! So I invited them to Giordano's for the best deep dish pizza ever, and they met me at campus at about 6. Then me, the three of them, plus their friend Ana (from Korea, cool!) and Katie and Anna and Ashley and Chris and Sarah and Julie and Jen all walked up to Giordano's. All I have to say is--Spinach stuffed pizza...yummm...

I was going to take them to Peterson's for great ice cream too but we were so full. So we walked back to the dorm, and the Corcoran's asked me what there was to do downtown at night. I figured they could do the Sears Tower, Buckingham Fountain at night, and Navy Pier. So I got directions and everything off of MapQuest (cause they were renting a car) and we drove downtown. Then everything went wrong. Sears Tower Skydeck closed an hour earlier than it was supposed to, so we paid 9 dollars for parking when we were there for like five minutes. Then we couldn't find any parking near Grant Park, although if we had gone down Lake Shore Drive we would have been able to. And we got to Buckingham Fountain five minutes after it shut off for the night. And by this time Christine, who is 6 and half months pregnant, was tired and needed to rest, and her sisters were getting frustrated cause they were all tired--I had to play peacemaker:) So we ended up giving up on Navy Pier altogether. Finally we made it to the hotel, where a Latin band was playing very loud music. The nice lady put us as far away from them as she could.

Once we got back to the hotel it was much better--we stopped being cranky. Then this morning I had to walk to the bus, so I could get back to campus. I would have spent today downtown with them but I really need to work on homework. I look outside and it's a downpour. So I stopped in the hotel gift shop and picked up an umbrella, seeing as I didn't own one anyway. It was ony 6 bucks. Then I walk to the bus stop and wait for about 45 bloody minutes for the bus. At least I got on the right one. Then I transferred, and I got off at Grand and Harlem (about two miles from school).

I didn't feel like waiting for the bus again, so I just started walking back. On the way I passed a hair salon, so I got a trim and a face frame--only 14 bucks. Not bad. I also passed Walgreens. I went in there to get a spiral notebook, and spent thirty times as much money as I planned to. I ended up getting two dvd's: Strictly Ballroom, a Baz Lurhmann film, (only 6 bucks!) and a Stars of Star Wars interview dvd for Sarah (only 4). I also got some mascara and eyeliner for my Halloween costume, and for general dark eyes fun. And a hair restoration conditioner thingy. So all in all I have had a rather non-productive day. It's probably time to get to work.

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