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Quick procras--I mean update.

"Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely." ~The Land Before Time

I just read that on someone's profile and I really liked it, now I want to watch the movie again, cause it's just so great. I read on IMDB once that "No one could have touched Don Bluth in his prime." Or something like that. I just looked and couldn't find it.

Anyway, point of entry: Procrastinati--UPDATE. The play is going really well. We had a run-through today, it was supposed to be "start at beginning and get as far as we can go" Well, we made it to the end. That was really cool in and of itself. It means we're doing pretty well for where we are. We open in less than a month. That's kinda scary. I guess that's it for the play...homework still sucks, and it's still hard to make myself work on it...but I'm try--no, most of the time I'm not even trying. Like tonight. Okay, in 6 minutes it will be eleventy o'clock and I will work on homework. Later.

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