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Today, thus far

Well, I skipped two classes and missed a ten-point quiz (probably, not necessarily). But otherwise it's not so bad. The written review that I wasn't even going to turn in ended up getting a B-, unbelieveably. And I think I got at least a C on the test I just took in the same class, so thus far the Pass I need to get seems likely. I need to buckle down in the other classes, though, and stop skipping. Especially cause I could get in trouble with ACT. I know that I"m not skipping because of the play, but the directors may not believe me. So pray that the importance of that information gets pounded into my head, please.

Interesting story about someone in the play and tech week, which is about two weeks away. If I have time I'll write it later.

Sarah's in tech theater. She and her partner have spent over 35 hours on their model for their set design. I can't even believe it. I did mine by myself (partnerless, but Julie and a few other people did do some little things to help) and got it done in one day and one night--granted it was an all-nighter but I don't know anyone in that class that actually sleeps the night before the sets are due. Anyway, I miss my set. I don't have it anymore. It's sad.

Alright, time to go to work. Troy, you can probably call me there, except I don't want to have a serious conversation with other people around, so that kinda hampers that...I dunno. Anyway, later!

PS I have new icons...including this one...tell me what you think...please...I love comments...

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