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Four vacations you have taken:
1. The UP with my family to see waterfalls
2. Canada with someone else’s family to see their family
3. Florida by myself to see my family and dye my hair pink
4. Las Vegas and Arizona with my family to see my family

Four Places you just have to go:
1. Australia
2. Scotland/Ireland
3. New York
4. Paris

Four things you'd like to learn:
1. How to knit/crochet
2. How to never be sick again
3. How to act
4. How to dance

Four beverages you drink frequently:
1. Orange Juice
2. 7 Up
3. Dr. Pepper
4. Cherry Coke

Four tv shows that were on when you were a kid: (That ROCKED)
1. She-Ra!!!!!
2. Scooby Doo
3. Saved By The Bell
4. Out Of This World

Four tv shows you watch now:
1. Friends
2. Law and Order
3. ER
4. whatever else happens to be on when the tv is on

Four places to go in your area:
1. My Room
2. Old Navy
3. Downtown Oak Park (woo hoo)
4. Downtown Chicago

Four things to do when you're bored:
1. Sleep
2. stare at the ceiling (the first two answers were too good to change)
3. update my quotes
4. stare at the men on my wall and contemplate who my guardian angel Gabriel is

Four things that never fail to cheer you up:
1. I used to be able to say Brett, but sometimes he just gets me down
2. Bud
3. Sarah from Napa California
4. Julie

Four Closest Friends:
1. Melissa
2. Julie
3. Troy
4. Sarah from Napa California

Three Crushes (Past/Present)
1. Brett
2. Kevin
3. JTT
4. Dan

Four DREAM girls:
1. Nikki
2. Nikki
3. Nikki
4. Nikki (Mwwaaa haa haa)

Four DREAM guys:
1. Mel
2. Harrison
3. Brad
4. This guy with glasses I know

About 20 years ago...
1. My dad had a lot of fun with my mom and...
2. Then I was made!
3. And my parents said, “Hey, we should get married.”

About 10 years ago...
1. I was nine
2. Sara was my best friend in the world
3. I loved to run around and be crazy (wait, that is still true today...)

About 5 years ago...
1. I started high school
2. I had a thing for this other guy with glasses and hair that didn’t move
3. I pushed someone off a balcony

About 2 years ago...
1. I was SO ready to get out of high school
2. I started working at Party City
3. I went to Grand Rapids with the JROTC Drill Team and I marched them into a wall

About 1 year ago...
1. I started to be friends with Brett again
2. I was sick (just like now)
3. I didn’t like any of my classes

1. I am much closer to God
2. I am sick (just like last year)
3. I like some of my classes
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