Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Halloween Pictures...

Oh, and the person in my icon is now me.
EDIT-I noticed I have the same expression on my face in all my "I'm trying to be vampiric" pictures...and it's more disdainful snob than vampire. Aw, well. Whatever. Life sucks.

Just me...a gothic vampire in the bright sun...

Me and Ashley...a pirate and goth...directly below the Concordia sign...

Just two goths hanging the sun...

All of us who got dressed up...except for Anna...who was so cute...but she didn't get dressed up til a little kid complete in footed pj's with teddy.

Me eating cocoa puffs...count chocula...get it? But it's a close up of my eyes, so that's cool.

One I was playing with...

Me wrapped up in my woobie. That's it. Goodnight.
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