Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

My birthday weekend...and then some

I already mentioned Friday or at least what I had to drink.

Saturday, I went to the pet store to look at possible pets because Troy wanted to get me a lizard or a tarantula for my birthday. Well, Anna said she would have to move out if I got a tarantula, so I ended up deciding on a shark instead. So we decided to come back on Sunday and pick up the aquarium. Then we went out to dinner at this really good Italian Restaurant...and I ordered wine with the meal and I didn't get carded! Go figure! Anyway, then we went to see Matrix: Revolutions, which, while I agree with someone who said that it didn't resolve anything, I still liked alright. Maybe it was just that I was in such a good mood that I didn't care, I dunno. Then Troy and I had cheese and wine while watching Down With Love, which is such a good movie.

Then on Sunday Troy picked up my aquarium while I tried to work. Then I did Anna's hair and went to Katie, Anna, and Ashley's handbell concert. It was awesome! I love listening to handbells. It's one of the few instrumental ensembles that doesn't give me a headache. I want to get their cd to listen to before I go to bed. It's very soothing. Then I don't remember exactly what I did. I think there was some homework in there somewhere. I was kinda crabby Sunday night.

Then I went teacher aiding on Monday and that was fine. I also went to all my classes thus far this week. And yesterday I got my shark and my fish. I have an iridescent shark named Invader Zim and a pictus catfish named Gir. I also got two more fish to keep them company. A black lyre tail molly who likes to brood, so I named him Dream, and a sunset wag platy who will dart about really quickly one second and then swim in place and then move slowly and then dart about she's Delirium.

I love my fish!

And today, I played in the leaves with Ben and found out that if I threw them up in the air just right they would get caught in the wind and dance all around me. It was amazing and so wonderful. Also, kind of a workout.

What a beautiful day.

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