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<rant>I am so bloody tired of Lord of the Rings being hailed as the almighty of almighty movies, the best trilogy ever of the best books ever of the best person ever born. First of all, it's not a trilogy. It's a 9 hour movie in three parts. Second of all, it's BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Had this stupid craze not come about you might have got me to read the rest of the books (I read the Hobbit cause I promised Sarah) but you know what, at this point I really would rather gouge my eyes out. It's so not the best thing since anything. You want a great fantasy series by a Christian author? Go read The Chronicles of Narnia. You want great fantasy otherwise? Go read Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, go read Raymond Feist, hell I think Piers Anthony and his pun-filled land of Xanth is better BY FAR!!!

I've decided here and now that I'm boycotting the third movie. Chris and Troy, just try and make me go. Just try it. I won't talk to you for a week. In fact, I'm totally tempted to go online and find a spoiler just so that I can piss off my friends. I have other good reasons not to go. I have no clue where the second third of the movie left off. I will have no idea what is going on in the third part of the movie. And I will sit in hell before I watch the second part again before going to see the end. Besides, when I went to the second part of the 9 hour movie I had no clue what was happening, seeing as I forgot what happened at the first part. You remember the first part? The beginning of the nine hour movie? All I remember is that it didn't end. I sat for three hours watching something that didn't end. </rant>
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