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My catfish died. The lady at the store said the pH was too high. So I bought this water conditioner thing that is supposed to fix it, but the rest of the fish all have ich so I'm using rid-ich and I didn't know if I should do a water change just after I put the rid-ich in or not, and I'm supposed to partially change the water before I use the water conditioner thing. I'm also supposed to do a partial change before I do the next installment of the rid-ich so I figure I'll just put in the water conditioner with that tomorrow. Sigh. I hope the rest of my fish don't die.

You are GIR! Zim's insane robot sidekick, you love about every food in the universe. YAY! TACOS!!!!
You are GIR! Zim's insane robot sidekick, you love
everything. TACOS!

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Best quiz ever Matt!

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