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What a crappy weekend

Yeah, so just looking at my shark makes me want to cry. He has almost no fins at all left. His eyes are clouded over and covered in what looks like scales. He looks blind. He is so going to die. Especially if I can't find someone to feed my fish while I'm gone. So yeah, shark is just going to die. It was a nice thought but really, like I could keep a pet.

In other news, all my friends think it's a bad idea for me to marry Chris cause he isn't Christian. So that's really helped to make for a good weekend, as if I didn't have enough crap going on. So much for being out of my depressive bout. Oh, and guess what the high points of the weekend have been? If you said talking to Chris why you would be right. I got a call from him yesterday that totally shocked me--I wasn't expecting it and it was very nice to hear his voice on the other end. Other than that, my relationships with all my other friends are just not great (they're not bad either but they aren't great), and both parties involved contribute to that not so greatness. And I have a paper due tomorrow. And I have a headache. And Schelp and I are sitting in Katie and Anna's room and neither of them is here. I find that funny.

Okay, back to work. Hope everyone is having fun at Brett's. I wish I was there. I think.

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