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Long time no see

I am soooo tired.

Well for a vacation that started out in the sewer it became one of the best times I've had this semester. Maybe the best.

Monday night Sarah proceeds to tell me that I'm endangering the eternal lives of my future children if I marry Chris. This is at about 3 or 4 in the morning when I've already been so stressed from the weekend and I just wrote all three of them a note which strongly implied that I didn't want to talk about it anymore. So I ended up bawling my eyes out for about an hour because I just couldn't not cry anymore, and then I didn't fall asleep until about 6...had to get up at quarter to 8.

So I wake up Tuesday morning, do devos, go back to bed for a bit (Did I mention no classes were attended at all this week by me?) and get up again at about 1015. Jordan plans to meet at about 11 so I have an hour to talk to some people to feed and more importantly to medicate my shark. By the way, I'm also a basket case. I can't look at my shark or I start crying, I can't think or talk about Chris and my friends or I start crying. So I talk to Julie Hinz--going out of town. Lori--going out of town. Doc was unavaible for inquiry. Fine. No one to feed my fish--I'll pick up some weekend feeder and hope it lasts. No one to medicate my shark--he was going to die regardless, I'm sure, so basketcase me flushed him down the toilet and then cried for about 15 minutes straight, hard. Then I had to go meet Jordan! What a pleasure I was going to be for this car ride! So despite my insanity and nervous breakdown, I managed to be alright getting down to Jordan's, where he, his father, and his younger brother Nathanial and I watched a replay of the World Cup rugby game where Australia lost and his brother made fun of me the entire night for being an Oz fan.

Tuesday was alright...I was sick by the end of the night. Went to bed early. Then Wed. I went to Metro, the Lutheran High School that feeds into Concordia. There I met Katie and I spent the day with her. After she showed me the World's Largest Catsup Bottle, we went back to her house and proceeded to spend 6 hours catching up on the whole current season of Everwood, which I am now addicted to. It was wonderful, especially considering I was really miserably sick. Then went to church and came back and played I Love Lucy monopoly with Jordan and Katie and Katie's brother Nick who cheated and ended up losing when we formed teams and then he left to go to the bathroom and Jordan rolled for both of them and they "landed on Park Place and Boardwalk" and Jordan gave Katie all but $6 of their money. Apparently little brothers like to drive me nuts. Then I went back to Jordan's and went to bed again early. Woke up at 3, took some NyQuil, went back to bed feeling queasy (can't spell nah-shuss). Woke up three hours later and threw up in my bed. Preceeded to strip all my covers off, find new sheets, and a blanket and go back to bed for a few hours until I got up and threw in a load of laundry (all my sheets, etc,) and took a shower. Good news is I felt progressively better all day Thursday.

Thursday was Thanksgiving dinner...Jordan made me a special pot of Stove Top stuffing cause it's my favorite. It was sweet. Played Apples to Apples with his fam. (Will probably buy the crate of apples for the party on saturday.) Friday I helped put up Christmas lights and it was cold (I didn't really go outside though). I spent a lot of time looking for my book. Oh, and played Star Wars monopoly with Jordan's brother and the final score when we randomly quit (which was just after I landed on his properties like five times in a row) was 15,204 credits to 15,445 credits. He beat me by 241 stinking credits! I really won. Then Jordan and I watched Toy Story and it was good. Saturday Jordan read about a page of Aristotle homework while I pet his puppy for two hours straight, it was so fun, Keyser is the cutest dog (I probably spelled that wrong, but anyway...) Then it was time for the Grand Tour Of Places Out In Nowhere Where People Live. I stopped by Cody's house in Carpenter, then we picked up Schelp in Prairietown where I toured the two biggest buildings--the church and the school (where Shelp's parents make up 2/3 of the faculty). Then we went to Jordan's fiance's house and had a bonfire. When it got cold we went inside, played Dirty Scrabble, and then a relatively mild game of Truth or Dare, except with Schelp dared me to run around the house outside with no coat on and I tripped and did the same thing to my knee that I did two years ago homecoming. It's not as bad as it was then though, and for that I am grateful. Stupid Schelp. And then Jordan and I went back to his house. Oh, and his mom is crazy and explains much about him. So that was the rest of the time. Wait! Church on Sunday--Jordan's Baptist, and he goes to just the best church ever. It's small, it's like a giant extended family, and I ended up helping a very nice lady that Jordan introduced me to (whose dauther was into church drama) light the advent candle. It was fun, and I really liked it. I hope that I can go visit Jordn again sometime.

Jordan and I spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights just talking and talking and occassionally playing Kings in the Korner, but mostly just talking about all sorts of stuff. I haven't done that in a really long time, and it was so great to just get to know someone like that. It was funny, cause we got back from Holly's at 230 am on Saturday night, but neither of us wanted to go to bed, so we sat on the couch in the den and just talked until it was 6 and Jordan knew that if his dad knew he was up all night he wouldn't let Jordan drive back to school, so he went to get an hour of sleep before church. It was funny, at one point on Saturday Jordan had compared us delaying sleep to the end of a show--the time where the set is down and you just stare at the blank stage cause once you leave the show is over for good. Once we went to bed, the break was done and we had to come back here, and neither of us really wanted that. It was so great to just sit and talk. Oh, and we listend to Newsboys and Jars of Clay and Audio Adrenaline cd's that I own that he had not listend to since his sophomore year in high school--and we both sang loud to all the songs. That was the best part about the ride home. Okay, that's all.

NOTE:The cuts separate a lot of crap into five little piles of crap. It's crap because most of it was written for me, and so that I had something to remember this past week by. Some of it is for you to know what happened, but if you read something three times and you still can't figure out what I was trying to say then it was probably for me, and if you want to ask about it go ahead but otherwise it's probably not important to anyone but me. Okay, that's all.

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