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LiveJournal Slut Score for ~details15
Percentage of your friends you've met 87.50%
Percentage of your friends you've kissed 12.50%
Percentage of your friends you've sexed 0.00%
Percentage of your friends you fancy 8.33%
Slut points 29
(Based on 24 LiveJournal friends)
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from Troy
*The Complete Far Side for reading and exercise (it's heavy)

from Troy's family
*a hair chain
*a balloon world ball
*a beanie bopper doll
*fishnet tube sleeves
*probably something else

from my uni friends
*a new waffle maker whose waffles are shaped like Scooby Doo

from my family
*a caligraphy set
*some cool clothes and a shopping spree once my mom gets money
*travel Boggle
*X DVD: The Year's Best Christian Alternative and Rock Music Videos
*a makeup kit from my aunt
*a comfortor from my other aunt
*a gift certificate for $30 bucks to Border's from my uncle
*booties from my aunt
*bath aromatherapy oils thingys
*a picture frame from Candace
*a picture frame from Michele that says Sisters 2003 and has a pic of the two of us from my play...I almost cried
*a raincheck gift to get my hair redyed once we get ahold of Carrie's friend
*The King of Torts by John Grisham

from Jordan
*a REAL Buzz Lightyear doll

from Karkota
*Jay and Silent Bob stuff and Chasing Amy stuff (see previous entry)

from Chris
*a Wollongong Uni sweatshirt and a way too expensive trip halfway around the world just to see me...thank you, Love

I think that's it...

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I did. I spent half the day with my family and half with Troy's as per usual. I also got a bad cold/mild flu that I just cannot seem to kick. Party City gave me 35 hours next week. That kicks. I love Ben. He has been so good for that store. I cannot even tell you how good it looks now. Melissa, you would think that Joe was still the manager. Speaking of Melissa, do you wanna go to Border's with me sometime and help me spend my gift card? We usually go shopping when we get together over breaks. I need to give you a call...I need to give a lot of people a call. Nikki, I'm sorry I won't be at your party tonight. I forgot all about it and now I'm still fighting this cold so I can be okay to work all next week. I know it'll be great. Hmmm...I guess that's about it. I was glad to hear that just about all of my friends has great to good Christmas's. See you all later!

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