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This weekend with Fish

"I lift my eyes up
Up to the mountains
Where does my help come from?

My help comes from You
Maker of heaven
Creator of the earth

Oh how I need you Lord
You are my only hope
You are my only friend

So I will wait for you
To come and rescue me
To come and give me life"

This weekend I went on a ski retreat for high school youth with Fish Out Of Water. We (Fish) were responsible for two 1 1/2 hour sessions, one on Friday and one on Saturday, and we only had one week's notice to prepare all this because of winter break. So we did a skit and a gameshow on Friday and two skits and a mime to a song on Saturday. Well, we were told that the Friday session we did was the best one they had in the history of that gathering. Praise God! I really think he worked through us this weekend to reach out to those youth there. Apparently the Saturday session isn't very well attended usually, but this weekend almost everyone came back, and on time, too. This is after they spent a whole day skiing and were probably exhausted. And we had a really intense program on Saturday. And the best part of Saturday was that God used OUR program to reach out to me.

In case you didn't know, which most of you probably didn't, I have been feeling pretty far away from God for awhile now, at least all of last semester. And the theme for our stuff on Saturday was Denial, and how we deny God all the time, in what we say and in what we don't say when we should speak up. And I realized that I've been denying God and my faith for a year almost now. And Saturday God told me that I was done, I could come back now, and he picked me back up. It felt like Lori's talk was just for me.

Anyway, I think we really reached out to a lot of those kids this week. God worked so many miracles with and through us this weekend. To Him be the glory!!!

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