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My Reasons...

I think I made a list kind of like this before, but Chris made a list of reasons why he loves me so I wanted to make one of my own.

1. He has the best smile ever.
2. He lets me be annoying and correct his spelling.
3. He lets me cheer him up even when he wants to be moody.
4. He is always excited to see me online.
5. He makes fun of me but then tells me he loves me.
6. He's cried in front of me...just once or twice.
7. He's so smart and thinks he isn't.
8. He knows more about computers than I do, but still lets me think I know stuff.
9. He loves me more than I deserve.
10. The way he doesn't want to tell me things, wait, that drives me nuts...but I love him in spite of it...
11. The way his kisses taste.
12. He loves programming and his computer stuff so much I can't even distract him from them.
13. He's a big geek and proud of it.
14. He tolerates my love for math.
15. His Australian accent and the way he makes fun of it.
16. How horrible he sounds when he attempts an American accent.
17. His favorite color is purple...
18. ...and he tolerates my love of pink.
19. Hee loves to buy me stuff even though I'm a pain to buy things for.
20. The fact that his hair, when it's growing out, has that line that you can only see if you are playing with it. He hates it but I think it's so cute.
21. He hates wearing clothes as much as I hate wearing shoes.
22. The way he holds my hand.
23. The way he denies that Plumb is a Christian band because they are too good to be Christian.
24. He tolerates my Jesus freak status.
25. He sat through two church services in one day for me.
26. He is kind enough to say that I "kinda tolerate" his lack of religion even though I am constantly talking to him about it.
27. He is immune to all my sicknesses...and takes care of me when I have them.
28. He introduced me to Gir and Zim (but especially Gir).
29. He had seen Hackers before he met me.
30. His crazy side.
31. The way he calls me his bunny now all the time.
32. The other cute pet names he has for me.
33. The way he hates to fly coach.
34. He can explain things to me without making me feel stupid.
35. He likes the fact that snow crunches when you walk on it...and that's the only thing he likes about it.

This was in the original list, but then my browser lost it and I had to retype it and I forgot this one.

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