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I redid my journal...come look! Tell me what you think!

I was talking with my dad about the carjacking, and I asked him if, had he died, he thought he would go to heaven.

(We've never really talked about it before and I had no idea where his faith stood...and I've wanted to ask for awhile, but never felt like I could. I got a great opening on the phone, so I went for it.)

He said that would be up to the Lord, but I asked him what he thought. Then he said that he'd done some bad stuff in his life, but he thought he'd done some good stuff too. I told him that it didn't matter what he did or didn't do, what mattered was whether or not he believed that Jesus died for him.

He said, "Oh, yeah, I believe that." As if to say, "What a silly question, Sunny Skies, of course I do."

I now know that I'm going to see my dad in heaven with me.

I happy.
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