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I'm gonna sing the doom song now...


Today was pretty grand. I don't know why. I didn't take a single nap and I had little sleep but it was good nonetheless.

Did all the regular online stuff as soon as I finished doing all the regular class stuff.

Had a nice dinner with Ashley, Jordan, Holly, and Marcus.

Had a nice Bible study on faith. We listened to "Concrete" by Plumb, "Faith Like a Child" by Jars of Clay, "Mind's Eye" by dc Talk, and "Believe" by Newsboys.

Then had rehearsal and I was in a good mood, and that was good because last night I wasn't in as good a mood, so I think it made them remember that I'm not a Nazi all the time. I had fun at least.

Then I worked with Jordan in the writing center. I was in the weirdest mood, I swear. At one point I was turning cartwheels. I also made a card that said...

Once upon a time there was a strange lady named Lisa. She was crazy. One day she...

asked Jordan why she was so crazy. He told her____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

And then I gave it to Jordan to fill in the blanks. And this is what he wrote:

...that she wasn't crazy, she was just very energetic, happy, and full of life. It's not crazy, in fact, it makes people happy and lifts their spirits. It is a blessing, just as she is a blessing to her closest friends and brings them happiness.

So Jordan can be nice when he wants to, can't he? That was a very sweet thing to give me. He got a hug for it. Yep.

Then I had rehearsal with the cast from "Mother Figure" and we worked on a British accent. It was fun.

Then I got to read burnthellama's new livejournal. That's Jordan, in case you were wondering. And I got to devirginize his journal.

All in all it was a very nice day.

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