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Sad days with pretty good endings cause of good friends

So today was just a down day, for no good reason. I dunno. At the end of the day I was just not really happy or anything. And I was chatting with Jordan, and he asks if I want to go for a walk. Well, it's COLD outside, enough so that he was cold and he's never cold. So we ended up sitting in the 24 hour computer lab talking. And at first he wasn't tired so it was fine, but then he was getting tired and we were still talking, cause I didn't really want to go to bed. I guess it was just me being selfish. Anyway, he did end up cheering me up, and that was cool. And eventually we had some "substantial" questions come up, so that was cool too. So my goal is not to be online tomorrow night so that he can go to bed early and break his staying up late habit. Maybe my goal should be to go to bed early and break my staying up late habit.

I think I owe him something nice for staying up til 3:30 talking to me (more than just letting him go to bed early.)

I think I owe Troy a real talk.

Hate Every Beautiful Day
Something's gotta change again
I'm losing, my inspirations gone, oh no oh no

Seeing through some different eyes
I can't find, my medications failed, again again

I can feel a change
I can feel, can you feel it
See it on the street watching heat from the pavement

Cause I'm here, ready to take it all here
Everything's feeling unclear
I wish it was raining
Cause I hate every beautiful day

Faces in the crowd
Fake smiles for miles
My imitations wrong of them again
Trapped inside this cheap hotel
Bored as hell turing the channels 'round

All I know I'll never know
All I know I'll never know

Every beautiful day
Every beautiful day
Every beautiful day

Stolen from the_rum_is_gone:

I want you to post anything that you want. Anything. Post a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, what you think of me - anything.

Be sure to post anonymously and honestly.

Post twice if you'd like.

Then put this in your LJ to see what your friends have to say.

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