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The things I think about at 3:30 in the morning

So last Monday I did a Bible Study on Faith. We listened to the songs "Mind's Eye" by dc Talk, "Faith Like A Child" by Jars of Clay, "I Believe" by Newsboys, and "Concrete" by Plumb. The group raised some questions about the lyrics to "Concrete," and at the time I couldn't answer them. I think I have a much better idea as to what the song is talking about now, though. But I'd like to know what you think, too. So if you are interested...

More than a superstition
When put in my position
Temptations and opinions
This heart's not my possession
Hold tight to your convictions
Hypocrites in all directions
Cling to the things your father taught you
Confess your sins to the One who bought you
Do you feel all alone
Faith has always kept you strong
If you could see my fear
Should I believe or should I doubt

I believe
In the things that you never told me
I believe
In the things that you never showed me
I believe
I know my fears control me
I believe
In the things that you never told me

Agressive passive inhibitions
Laughs before an indecision
Do I run or do I stay
When all I do may fall away
Lack of faith in what I trust
When all I measure turns to dust
When all I know decays in vain
And I am left alone again
Do you feel all alone
Faith has always kept you strong
If you could see my fear
Should I believe or should I doubt

Repeat Chorus

As I kneel in sanctuary
Crosses all around to haunt me
Architecture so divine
Bread, the body
Blood, the wine

Repeat Chorus 3x

The lyrics in bold are ones we were especially having trouble with. So if you want to venture your opinion, go for it.

I think the person (since the lead singer in the group is a female, I'm gonna say it's a she) in the song is singing about struggling with doubt. However, I think the person is still clinging to her faith. The first stanza talks about keeping faith when attacked by outside influences--hypocrites and temptation, things leading her to doubt.

The second verse seems to talk about inner struggle--dealing with keeping faith when it seems to totally fail you, or when you feel alone and like God is far away.

For the girl in the song, the biggest sin she deals with is doubt. That is the reason her fears control her--she is afraid that what she believes isn't true. I think one of the other things the song focus's on is that she doesn't have all the answers to faith--there are lots of things that the Bible doesn't tell us about God or his plan or why things happen the way they do. But the chorus, "I believe in the things that you never told/showed me," to me that is the girl saying that she doesn't know all the answers, but she believes in them anyway. She believes in the things that God hasn't revealed to his creation, but that are there regardless.

The title struck me as important tonight as well. Concrete leads me to believe that the person in the song is not losing faith but keeping it. Our faith is based on a firm foundation, one of concrete and not sand (like the Lost and Found song).

And I think tonight I also figured out the bold lines.
As I kneel in sanctuary
The girl is in church, specifically preparing to take Holy Communion (unless you're taking Hit and Run communion, I think every church universally kneels when receiving it). Plus the lines later also lead me to believe it. And then there's the fact that The Lord's Supper is supposed to strengthen faith.

Crosses all around to haunt me
Today haunt has a bad connotation and that line gives us an image of crosses creating fear. But I looked it up at (I think it was Jordan who mentioned that haunt might have once meant something different) and I found some different definitions, like "To come to mind continually" and "to be continually present in" and "to persist and staying and visiting." This reminded me of the fact that in Communion we are remembering what Christ did on the cross for us--the suffering he went through to buy our forgiveness. In this way, the meal and the crosses that are in church might "haunt" her. Okay, maybe it's a stretch, but it makes sense to me.

Architecture, so divine
This line is simply talking about the bread and wine, and the fact that in this meal it's architecture (bread and body, blood and wine) is divine. It's certainly not something that we can comprehend ourselves, nor is it something we could "build," to keep the construction image. It's divine architecture.

Anyway, that's my opinion. It was my favorite Plumb song before; now that I feel like I understand it better, I like it even more.

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