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How is it possible that computer hugs from Chris actually make me feel better?

Today was interesting. Jordan wrote an entry about nice days turning into bad ones, sometimes on their own or sometimes because you get in a bad mood and then you look for all the crap that could make your day bad. Well, today started out pretty good. I have somebody to run lights for Children's Theater (yay!!!!) and most of the rest of the morning was alright. Then I took a nap before dinner and things just went downhill. I lost the ACT keyring. I am still hoping that will turn up. My fish have fin rot. Mostly the ACT keyring. So I got in this bad mood, and I was mean to Jordan who was also in a bad mood. I still feel bad about that because I didn't know he was in a bad mood, or I might not have been so mean. But he has a surprise coming so that makes up for it. So anyway, I was in this really bad mood, all I wanted to do was go to sleep, I had my bad mood playlist going (songs include "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit, "Whatever" by Godsmack, "Hate Every Beautiful Day" by Sugarcult) and I just didn't want to feel better. So then I get online for no good reason (really there was a reason but it was really really stupid) and Jordan imes me and Troy imes me and Chris imes me and I start kind of talking, and I'm starting to feel a little better and then I said something that made Jordan feel better and that was way cool (one of those things, the way making someone else feel better makes you feel better). And then I wanted a slurpee so Jordan and I walked up to Sleven, in the freezing cold. I looked up the temp before we went to see if it was really cold and it said 11 and I really think that I read it as if it were Celcius because I thought, Oh, 11 degrees isn't bad, and 11 degrees is butt cold! Anyway, I got ice cream and came back and two minutes later Chris called because he had gotten his really late birthday present and only a little late Valentine's Day present. So he opened that and he was soooo excited and happy to get everything, it was wonderfully cute. And then he takes out the Portals of Prayer I sent him and askd me if I want to do today's devo. That was so wonderful, it was absolutely what I needed. I can't think of anything else that would have made me feel that much better. Thank you, Chris.

Now if only I could find those stupid keys...

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