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Another sleepless night...cause I'm not tired.

"She turns to me sometimes
and asks me what I'm dreaming
and I realize I must have gone
a million miles away
And I ask her how she knew
to reach out for me at that moment
and she smiles because, it's understood
there are no words to say"
~"All About Soul" by Billy Joel

I FOUND THE KEYS!!!!! God is so amazing, He works in the weirdest ways. I couldn't find my fish medicine, and as I was looking for it, I looked in the cushions of the chair next to the tank and there they were. If my fish medicine hadn't been shoved way in the bottom of the bag I would never have looked in the chair because I wouldn't have thought the keys would be there. Isn't that great?

Not tired again. I dozed in the Writing Center. Apparently that was BAD.

Made a new LJ friend today. He's letting me use an icon he made. I was quite impressed with it. Actually it's the icon on this page.

Anyway, I should go to bed soon.

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