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"Crazy? I was crazy once, when they put me in a rubber room--I died! They buried me in soft, soft soil. The worms came. They ate my brains. They were crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once, when they put me in a rubber room...."

I'm in a tired and loopy mood. but I'm not hyper. I'm just tired.

Sleeping Beauty is sucking all the fun out of me. Like I'm not even enjoying tech week, and usually i'm all excited and I can't wait until we open. I don't know what's the difference with this one. All I know is that it's not a good way to go into a long run show. I think I need a break. i don't know when I'll get one, though. I need cheering up. I needed to work another hour in the writing center. With a Jordan who wasn't trying to do homework because he was sick but who didn't have any homework cause he wasn't sick. Yeah. Or maybe I just need to not stress out. I need my fish to get better or just die. Fish are a lot of work. I don't like this version of Piano Man that I'm listening to. Jordan is a meanie. This'll be the last time I surprise him. You just wait and see. Now I'm listening to Billy Joel sing "Your Song" except it just messed up and so now I"m not now i'm listening to him sing Crocodile rock except now that messed up so now i'm not listening to him sing Elton John songs at all. Okay, I think maybe now I stop typing okay?

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