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Well, that was the most tedious thing ever.

So remember back when Timmy and I first joined LJ (most of you are like, yeah, we didn't even know what it was back then) and there was this Kao-Ani mood theme where every single mood had a different icon. And then it was suddenly gone and I was quite sad. So I went ahead (finally) and made myself one that, well, has a different icon for every single mood. Yeah. I had to imput each one separately into LJ's command console, too. Hence the tedium. But it's done. It's wonderful. I'll always have it. (I think I can keep it even if I ever revert back to free user again--I need a permanent account.)

Anyway, if any of my paid friends want to use it, I can tell you what to do and how to get it, but you'll have to spend tedious time inputting everything yourself. Sorry. It takes a good few hours, too, but hey, maybe it's worth it to you. It was to me.

You can see what all the pictures look like here (on black, because black is the background they are on in my journal).

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