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Well if I thought I was awake before...

After a brisk walk to security and back, I certainly am awake now!!

Fucking people suck.

I needed to use the damn keys again, and this time I forgot to return them. What does switchboard/security do? They fucking wait until 2:30 AM to call me. I ask the girl if I can turn them in in the morning, cause I'm IN BED. She doesn't even give me an answer, she transfers me to someone else to tell me that I can't. WTF? Then that person asks if I want an escort over to security so I don't have to walk in the dark. If you're going to fucking send someone over then why the hell couldn't they just pick up the keys, save me the fucking trip. But I didn't think to say that, instead I said that I could care less and I hung up on whoever the hell it was.

Yeah, I'm not happy at the moment in case you couldn't tell. AND I'M WIDE A-FUCKING-WAKE!

Hmmmm...what to do? How about lie in bed listening to pissed off music while I toss and turn cause I am angry and awake and there's no way in hell I'll be sleeping any time soon.

I said fuck a lot in this entry. Well, more specifically, fucking. That's okay, it's the most versatile word in the English language.

Security can go rot and die in hell.

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