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So I totally realized tonight what I had been doing wrong with the Mother Figure cast. And no, Jordan, the fact that I was doing the play to begin with was NOT the problem. We have only been rehearsing for about an hour usually, and I was trying to run through the whole scene in that hour and with lines not quite memorized it wasn't easy. Well, Alec the other night suggested that maybe it would be good to work on them in groups of two, like the parts where it's just Rosemary and Lucy, and the parts where it's just Rosemary and Terry. So I thought we would do that, but tonight's practice was going to be a just the parts where there are all three in it. Well, Alec was an hour late, so for the first part I worked on Rosemary and Lucy scenes, and we really really worked them. Like I was afraid I was maybe being too "no, that's not quite right, do it again" but I think even if I was it was worth it. It was SO MUCH BETTER. Like, I saw immediately what wasn't working and why. It was wonderful. I was so excited. And then when Alec got here we almost fell into the same old routine, but this time I remembered not to, and we worked out a few more things that didn't fit as well. It was just sooo much better, and I'm really excited about it.

Fish is going on a weekend thing tomorrow to start off spring break. We're going to a church in Wisconsin to be the entertainment after a inter-denominational dinner. We're presenting "The Best Of Fish" and I'm really excited. That's Saturday evening. Before that, we're going to the Mall of America. You know it's the biggest mall in the US. I can't wait to see stores like The World Footlocker and Victoria's Really Big Secret. (I hope Mel is laughing.) And then on Sunday we're doing something for the church service as well. I'm really excited.

Then over break Troy is coming down and we're going to spend time downtown and watching movies and catching me up on my homework. I'm excited about that too.

And lastly, OHIO!!!! I'm psyched to be going this year. Although I'm not as excited about "The Littlest Part," a skit we're doing, as the other fish seem to be. Apparently it was one they did last year while I was gone, and it was a really big deal for some reason. So they're really excited about it, and that's good, I'm excited to be going back again.

And I've rambled for long enough, I should get to bed soon. Goodnight.

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