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I'm so tired the last thing I want to do is try and work on homework. I have...a bazillion things to read, math to teach myself, a Bible study to plan, and journals galore to catch up on writing.

So I spent like a bazillion and five dollars this week. Argh. Let's see, where to begin...I went to Minnesota with Fish and we had a stop at the Mall of America. I left my credit cards at home but I had 50 bucks in cash on me when I walked in, and change on me when I walked out. I bought a puzzle that I'll never do, a cute (very cheap) shirt, the second book in a series I'm reading, lunch, a present for someone, and the "I thought fairies did nice things like granting wishes" postcard. I wanted the "It can't rain all the time" postcard but of all the Crow ones this hottopic had, they didn't have that one.

Then this week I spent with Troy. We had lots of fun. We went to ImprovOlympic, which was alright, saw The Passion (I might write about that later), shopped, went to navy pier, and he ice skated (I wasn't feeling well). We probably did other things but I'm tired and I'm trying to get through everything in as few words as possible. However, I will mention that during the week I bought...a Scrooge McDuck stuffed animal, the third book in the trilogy I'm reading, Perquacky for my mom for mother's day, two calvin and hobbes books for my dad for dad's day, a book about second city cause it was way on sale. that might be it.

This weekend was my last trip to Ohio, and if it's possible it was better than all the previous fish trips. The main speaker was Ben Glenn "The Chalk Guy" and we was really amazing. If you've never heard of him check out that link to his site. The singer was Peder Eide, and he was probably the best worship leader I've seen in awhile. It was funny; the two guys ended up having a lot of similarities, which was humorous. Anyway, this weekend I bought a Ben Glenn t-shirt that says, "I'm not normal, I'm special, now where's my Little Debbie, lady?" (I also saw a kid with a shirt that said "I kidnapped myself. Give me $1,000,000 if you ever want to see me again.") I also bought one of Peter's cd's. Oh, and Ben was having a deal, buy a t-shirt for $15 regular, but if you bought a cd, too, you got a free picture and the whole thing was only $20. So I bought that too. And then I bought a sleeveless hooded lavendar shirt that says, "His stars shine bright. Know Him. A.D. 33. It's really really cute.

And so I spent way too much money that I didn't really have and after two 7 hour long van rides in three days, I am so sore and tired that I really really don't want to do anything. Oh, and I also had way too much fast food/take out/restaurant food this week. I actually am looking forward to eating at the cafeteria again.

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