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I still feel awful

So, something that sucks:

Suddenly getting a headache while simultaneously feeling dizzy and nauseous, all at the same time, in the middle of class. I had to walk out or I was going to pass out or vomit, I'm not sure which. Yeah, feeling like you have a hangover without reason to sucks worse than actually having one.
Alright, then I slept for four hours, I kid you not, until I finally felt better enough to get up. Then I find out Chris is mad at me because of the four times the phone rang while I was sleeping, he called at least once and I didn't answer. And we just got finished having a fight about me not calling him or being around when he calls. So that was, well, not good.
So we talk for awhile and I think it's mostly straightened out, and then I go to dinner. Well, I still wasn't feeling totally great, so all I planned to eat was a banana, in hopes that it would make me feel better and my stomach less upset. So all the bananas were still a little green, and the one I did get had a huge, huge bruise on it. So much for that. So what did I eat instead? A piece of yellow cake sans frosting, gross fries, and leftover chicken fried rice. Yeah, my stomach is happy with me.
And all the homework I was gonna do this afternoon pretty much got thrown to the side in favor of sleeping so I wouldn't be nauseous anymore. Suck.

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