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So tonight sucked

Although today was good.

I looked hot, as I said earlier, and I got lots of complimentses.

Absolutely hilarious convo with Jordan in the writing center. I wish I had a tape recorder.

Rehearsal for the BM cast went pretty well, even though Ashley was randomly missing.

And then I had rehearsal for the other cast and the day went to hell. They couldn't have screwed up their lines any worse unless they had just sat there in silence. And so I told them that we were adding an hour to rehearsal Wednesday and Thursday nights because they were NOT ready. And Alec said he "wasn't sure how he felt about these late night rehearsals." Well, I'm sorry, but your schedules just don't work otherwise. Plus you agreed to late night rehearsals when you auditioned and I have as of yet to have a single rehearsal that goes until 1, so BITE MY ASS!

I should go to sleep. I'm tired. I have no desire to at the moment. I hate that. Bloody hell.

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