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I want to hurt people

So I walk into the cluster to see this girl using the fishnet that is sitting by my tank. She's got the lid up and is trying to catch Delirium. I look at her like she's from Mars and I asked her what she was doing. "Oh, I was trying to catch the fish in the net. Why, is it yours?" Yes, but that doesn't matter--the point is that it's NOT YOURS. The great thing is that she really didn't seem to realize that she did anything wrong. It took all my self control not to ask her if she was MENTALLY RETARDED. And I really mean that. But really, it's my fault, because I underestimated the unbelievable amount of stupidity some people possess. I should have guessed that complete morons would use the fish net if I left it out, and hidden it away from people with IQ's lower than their age.

By the way, it's my and Chris' one year anniversary. I love my Rabbit.

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