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So yesterday was today.

Meaning I got to go out.

So Jordan and I were just about the only people involved in Spring Sing who weren't in the program. And Holly had said she might take Jordan and I out to the bar if strike got over with soon. Well, it wasn't going to be, cause we didn't end the show until after ten and then people still stayed to talk. So Jordan tells me to go talk to Lori, tell her since we weren't in the program we must not have been involved with the show and we shouldn't have to be at strike. So I go up to Lori and here's the convo:

"So, Lori, Jordan and I were flipping through the program and we noticed that we weren't in it--" before I can say more, she gets the biggest guilty look on her face:
"Oh, I'm SO SORRY!"
Then I half interrupt her: "No, we're not upset or anything."
"Well I am."
"No, we were just saying that it must mean we weren't involved with the show at all and since that must be the case, we're just not going to stay for strike and instead go drown our sorrows at the bar."
Then she kind of laughed, but she still felt really bad that we weren't in the program. Then she said: "Well, did you turn in a bio?"
(All the cast had a little mini biography in the program.)
"No, but no one asked us for one."
So anyway, then she said, well, maybe you can leave. I didn't want her to let us skip strike just cause she felt bad, though. But she totally told us we could...and right after she told us we could she said, "Oh, but wait, here I am telling you you can go and you two are the only ones who know how the lights have to be put back for Sleeping Beauty."
So I convince her that we can "strike" the lights tomorrow before the one-acts start their tech work. So just as long as we are done by 3 it's all good.

So Jordan took Holly and me to the bar. (Holly was tired otherwise she would have driven us.) He had a newcastle brown and a stella artois. She had an apple martini and a white russian, and I had a three wisemen (I wanted to get tipsy right away but not drunk) and I was going to get a Killian's Red to chase it because the first time I had a 3 W. I chased it with some of Butch's and I liked it, but they didn't have any bottles left so she gave me some other red beer they had on tap. Then Holly and I each had a butter nipple together. I felt less tipsy after I had the buttery nipple. That was weird.

Anyway, now I'm going to sleep cause I have to get up early for a Fish Sunday school. Maybe I should have some more water before I go to bed...

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