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The few times I enjoy homework reading...

from "Abortion and the Sexual Agenda" by Sidney Callahan, on why abortion is damaging to feminism

"...After all, debates similar to those about the fetus were once conducted about feminine personhood. Just as women, or blacks, were considered too different, too underdeveloped, too "biological," to have souls or to possess legal rights, so the fetus is now seen as "merely" biological life, subsidiary to a person. A woman was once viewed as incorporated into the "one flesh" of her husband's person; she too was a form of bodily property. In all patriarchal unjust systems, lesser orders of human life are granted rights only when wanted, chosen, or invested with value by the powerful....
...Society in general, and men in particular, have to provide women more support in rearing the next generation, or our devastating feminization of poverty will continue. But if a woman claims the right to decide by herself whether the fetus becomes a child or not, what does this do to paternal and communal responsiblity? Why should men share responsibility for child support or childrearing if they cannot share in what is asserted to be the woman's sole decision? Furthermore, if explicit intentions and consciously accepted contracts are necessary for moral obligations, why should men be held responsible for what they do not voluntarily choose to happen? By pro-choice reasoning, a man who does not want to have a child, or whose contraceptive fails, can be exempted from the responsibilites of fatherhood and child support....
...For that matter, why should the state provide a system of day-care or child support, or require workplaces to accommodate women's maternity and the needs of childbearing? Permissive abortion, granted in the name of woman's privacy and reproductive freedom, ratifies the view that pregnancies and children are a woman's private individual responsibility...."

It's a great article, and I might just keep the whole book simply for it. So anyway, I was reading it and I decided I wanted to make a few anti-abortion icons:

That's all.

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