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Another Openin' Another Show

So we opened tonight. It went so well. My actors were amazing. They cracked me up, as well as the rest of the audience. Lori seemed pretty pleased with it. But the important thing is that I was happy with it. It's amazing the difference an audience can make to a show. I mean, they were good in dress rehearsal; better than they'd ever been even, but tonight they really blew me away. I was really proud. Afterwards Jordan came up to me and said, "Thanks for making me do this, it was really great." It's such a different feeling, seeing a show you've directed; seeing your vision onstage. I felt just a pinch of this when I did a scene for Acting and Directing; but now it's a whole play (well, two one-acts, but it's much more similiar to a whole play). It's just an amazing feeling. And tomorrow it will be over. That hit me about 5 minutes ago while typing this. Tomorrow they'll go on, do it again, and after that it will never ever happen again. I could do the play again but not with these same people. It's different from this side of the stage, but it's still just as strong an emotion as when I'm in a show that's ending. I think I might not want to leave the theater tomorrow night after strike. It's funny, three days ago I was so sick and tired I was cursing the day I decided to direct a play, and Danielle said, "Oh, you love it. As soon as it's over, you'll be like, 'When can I do another one?'" At the time I glared at her until she added "maybe not right away, but after you've had a break." But now I see that she was right. I mean, I do want the break (desperately) but I can't wait to direct again. (I think I'll stick to one show at a time next round, though.)

And now for something completely different...boys are dumb throw rocks at them.
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