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"Three things happen to me when I get drunk..."

I am not drunk. But I'm finally starting to feel a little tipsy, an hour after we leave the bar.

In 15 minutes or so my computer is going to tell me that it's three o'clock. That make me sad.

Irish car bombs make me happy.

I like random entries like this.

I get to talk to Chris tomorrow. And go shopping at the demon store. And get my new coat, hopefully.

I love the weather. It was beautiful all day and I spent all day inside. Isn't that fun?

I should go to bed. I want to talk to people but I should really go to bed.

"Seeing through a hole inside, looking at this world of's only just begun, far away from harm but baby I'm not alone, Lift me up turn me around I gotta get my feet off the ground..."

Sorry random song quoting.

I miss Chris.

"I hate every beautiful day" no, wait, I liked today. And it was good when it wasn't frustrating. of course lots of things are good when they aren't frustrating.

I get to go visit the Dollar's again over Easter. Holly and Jordan said they were going to buy me candy. I told them they didn't have to but they told me to shut up. Well, something like that.

Okay, my computer did that whole update itself, I should go to bed now. I think I will try to. I'm enjoying listening to music though. I might leave it on and let Sarah turn it off when she gets in.

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