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Shopping is fun

And expensive. But that's okay. So Holly and I went to Hot Topic and we got lots of stuff. Let's see...I got a camo zip off skirt, a new "easter dress" (isn't pink a ressurrection color?), and I'm going to get a new pair of really cool jeans online because Jordan and Holly both said that they looked awesome on me, and they only had no 11's at the store and the 13's were too big (I love when that happens). So that's my shopping spree. Oh, and I got shoelaces for my shoes cause my old ones are all torn up. Holly got this and this which both look really good on her. Jordan got a sticker that says, "I'd challenge you to a battle of wits but you appear to be unarmed."

So I also got a frequent buyer's card (one got filled up already, and the other one has two stamps, I get 15% off my next purchase) when I bought the clothes. When we got back to the car and were about ten minutes away, I took out the skirt and noticed that there was still the "tamper with this and ink will fly out all over the place" thing on it. So we went back and as I walked in the guy who rang me up was standing right by the door and I had the skirt out and he noticed it and said, "oh, I was an idiot, I didn't take it off!" and then took me over to the register, took it off, grabbed another frequent buyer's card, stamped every stamp on it, and gave it to me. So now I have two full looks like I spent 220 dollars today, which I did not.

In other news, I have another entry to post when I get a few other things taken care of and type it all up and stuff.

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