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Interesting dates I want to try:

1. Pretend you are on a scavenger hunt. My friend on Road Rules told me he used to do this. Have two couples go out with cameras and get the most outrageous photos of people cooperating on your scavenger hunt. It's not a real scavenger hunt and you make it up as you go along. Most people have boring lives, so they'll be excited to do something new. For example, go to a McDonalds and tell the employees you are doing a scavenger hunt, and you need to get a photo of five of them in a pyramid. Snap the photo quickly and go get something more outrageous. Maybe it's a photo of you jumping on beds at a mattress factory-with the owner. At the end of the game, the two couple should meet back and compare who got the best photos.

2. Make a drive-in theater in your backyard. This takes a group, and it's more fun that way too. Get a laptop computer and a projector. Someone in the group has those two or knows someone who does. Hang a sheet in your back yard and project the movie. Make big bags of popcorn and get lots of junk food. You can sit on lawn chairs or blankets. Watch a classic black and white movie. I guarantee this will be a memorable date.

3. Trade Up. This will take at least two couples. Get something junky from your house, like an old fork or a shoelace. Go to a house and explain you are playing a game, and you need to trade your object for something better. Go from house to house and trade up each time. At the end of a couple hours, meet back at your house and see who has the most valuable object. You will be shocked about what you will end up with: my friend got an old lawnmower.

I got them from Yeah, I know it's a funny name, but the site's pretty cool. Some of it is cheesy, and some isn't. I really like these date ideas at any rate. They sound like fun. Thanks for posting the site, iransofaraway.

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