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Well, that sucked.

This is why I don't ever want to drive, driving sucks.


So I just spend $80 to drive around for 2 and a half hours and not take a required test because I used Yahoo's directions and there was no exit for Roosevelt and so we went in the complete wrong direction and then took the wrong road back so it took forever and we got completely lost and I was completely late and couldn't take the stupid test and now I have to take it oh let's see JUNE 26th down here which means either convincing my mom to take me or coming down with Troy. For one stupid 3 hour test. Oh, and it's a nonrefunable fee so I am going to have to spend another $80 to register for it. To take it for the first time. I like how I'm writing with both run-on sentences and sentence fragments. So that's frustrating, my mom isn't home for me to talk to right now so that's frustrating, and it's just really complex right now. SCREAM.

If last night hadn't been so wonderful I think I would seriously be crying right now.

In good news, Fish is leading a contemporary worship service tonight, which means I don't have to go to church tomorrow. Yea for sleeping in.

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