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I love some random people

This came from crumblingwalls's journal. She randomly posts questions about today's slang and words or songs she hears often, and it's oftentimes very amusing to read. I thought this one was no exception:
First off, because I can: What is a 'crunk'? I keep hearing it in, like, "oh, the crunking car broke again", and "what the crunk?" and other expressions that I really can't find a common thread in, unless it's meant to be some kind of a stand-in for fuck. What's the origin of it, if it's meant as a stand-in? Also, as long as I'm asking questions, where did "bling bling" originate? I mean, I know what it is, (ha! something that I knew without having to ask y'all!) but where the hell did the word come from? Also, when a word is actually two words, is it still referred to as a word, or does it become a phrase, even though no one would ever say just one word without the other? I should sleep more, you guys, because seriously, it's three a.m. and these are burning questions. And by "burning questions" I mean "the kind of thing that it keeping me from sleep". I have issues. Don't grow up to be like this. (By "like this" I think that I mostly mean "old". So good luck with that.)
So yeah, that was kind of funny, in my opinion. So I wanted to post it.

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