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Mood swings are just awful

Thank you for trying to cheer my up, Jordan. You did help, believe it or not. So did the shower. (Wow, that could totally sound like...yeah. Well, it's not.) I really like the letter to the guy in the hospital.

So I got out of the shower tonight to find that Sarah locked me out, at 1:17 in the morning. So I had to wake Sara (the RA) up to let me in. Last time I locked her out she got really pissed at me--she had been in the shower as well. She got all upset and annoyed and mad. I wasn't really upset, and when she came in I just told her that she locked me out, and she was like, "I didn't know where you went." Like it was my fault. I don't understand. So when I lock her out it's this big thing, how horrible of me to not realize that her keys were still in the room and that she was in the shower, but when she does it to me, it's like, whatever, it happens? I mean, double standard much?


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