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1. time you started: 9:48
2. full name? Lisa Marie Woodford
3. birthday? 11-7-82
4. nickname? details, lis, hon
5. birthplace? southfield
6. hair/eye color? grayish greenish blue and blond
7. siblings? 3
8. last cd you bought? dc Talk, Solo
9. last movie you saw in the theatre? BlackHawk Down
10. last movie you rented? I'd have to ask Julie I don't remember
11. favorite school subject? theater
12. least favorite school subject? history or science (right now human bio is on top)
13. do you actually like math? absolutely (Julie and Sarah, I am not the anti-Christ)
14. who are your best friends? Jules and Sarah and Melissa and Troy
15. do you have a crush? actually I do at the moment, it's so stupid, I hate crushes
16. who are your best online friends? Bud is probably my best strictly online friend and my only strictly online friend as well, although I really only talk to Nikki and Beef and Sara online anymore ever.
17. favorite actress? don't have a specific
18. favorite actor? mel, harrison, brad, heath, sean, anyone with an accent basically
19. favorite movie? chasing amy, playing by heart right now
20. favorite tv show? friends and er
21. favorite song? ? right now it is Feels So Right
22. favorite band? don't have one
23. favorite store? thrift stores rock and party city sucks
24. who's your favorite relative? my uncle marty and my aunt jeanne
25. favorite sport? volleyball, keyboarding for fun (AKA IMing)
26. favorite food? cucumbers and applesauce and fudgecovered oreo cookies
27. worst fear? that I will be alone forever
28. favorite color? pink
29. best feeling in the world? trusting God implicitly and completely with your life (I'm trying to remember how that feels)
30. worst feeling in the world? having your heart torn
31. best memory? a lot of really great things have happened to me
32. worst memory? see #92

what do you think of...
33. bill clinton? blah
34. love at first sight?
"The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that is has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only. The rest is only the rest, and comes afterwards. Nothing is more real than these great shocks which two souls give each other in exchanging this spark." ~Victor Hugo

35. abortion? murder
36. marilyn manson? f$#*ed up
37. premarital sex? never right, but very hard to stay away from
38. the jerry springer show? dumb
39. dreams? "Do you dream?" "Yes, I do. From the moment I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night." Those dreams are great. The ones at night are never anything special I'm afraid, except on very rare occassions
40. drinking? hate it
41. god? is awesome
42. what cd is in your cd player right now? my Brett cd
43. do you believe in heaven and hell? undeniably
44. do you believe in angels? always
45. do you believe in aliens? the possiblity
46. do you believe in yourself? not as often as I should
47. do you want to get married? most definetly
48. do you want to have kids? yes
49. what is one thing about you that pisses your friend off? sarah from napa california gets really mad at me when i tickle her...
50. what is your favorite music video? there are a lot that i like but one that has always hitme was secret ambition by michael w smith
51. do you have any stuffed animals? yes, Aaron and Scooby and Pinky are my absolute favs
52. do you have any bad habits? i bite my nails and i blow my noes on dirty clothes, but i'm a nice person...
53. what is your favorite hangout? jules' room
54. have you ever been in love? utterly and completely
55. are you a virgin? yes
56. where do you want to go on your honeymoon? a hotel
57. where do you wish to be right now? not mt. pleasant.....(sure Nikki, I don't want to be there either
58. what are you thinking this very moment? i have so much homework to do
59. what do you think of the song "pretty fly for a white guy"? funny?
60. are you vegetarian? nope, I like meat
61. favorite kind of clothes? bright
62. last person you called on the phone? troy
63. last tv show you watched? Friends?

have you ever?
64. been on an airplane? yes
65. went swimming in the ocean?nope
66. been to europe? no
67. been to mexico? no
68. been to cananda? yes, niagara falls is one of the most beautiful places on the earth
69. been to australia? ........maybe one the relatively near future.........we'll see..........
70. cried in public? yeah, I remember bawling one day in JROTC
71. had a life changing experience? yes, God likes to use those
72. let someone cry on your shoulder? yes, and I usually want to cry with them
73. fell asleep in the shower? i dont remember i think i was sleeping
74. gone to church? yes...but i need to go more offen
75. climbed a tree? i remember i climbed this pine tree once like 40 feet in the air, it was so cool
76. watched dawsons creek? Yes
77. gone skiing? no
78. gone snowboarding? no
79. been on a motorcycle? i might have when I was younger, but i know for sure that i have been on a moped
80. fell asleep during a scary movie? not usually, i'm the one cowering under the covers (preferably with a nice handsome strong guy next to me)
81. stayed up all night? brett parties...sigh
82. played soccer? all the time in 7th and 8th grade
83. played street hockey? never once
84. been to a major league baseball game? yes, I saw the Tigers before that big strike which caused my dad to no longer like baseball
85. saw a pro basketball game? nope
86. kissed the same sex? yes, sorta, yes
87. kissed the opposite sex? i live for it, while not really, but i do enjoy it a lot
88. eaten sushi? i was forced to try it once
89. eaten fish? yeppers
90. eaten caviar? nopers
91. seen someone die? only in movies
92. wanted to die? one morning I contemplated it seriously, but never before or since
93. met a celebrity? not really, maybe one day I will be able to say i went to school with one though
94. met the president? no
95. didnt wash your hair for a week? when i was little in the summer and we visited my cousins up north
96. driven a car? yes
97. peed in the shower? yes...i also brush my teeth in the shower, should I not?
98. broken something valuable? yes and felt horrible afterwards
99. skipped school? i am a college student, what do you think?
100. bought ice cream from an ice cream truck? oh, those were the days..."Oopsie-Daisies learning to crawl, she's such a pretty baby..."
101. used you parents credit card without permission? nope
102. been scared of getting shot? never in the moment
103. gotten a cavity? lots
104. broken a bone? nope
105. been given stitches? I think I might have once on my toe
106. shopped at abercrombie and fitch? i think i might have been in the store but i can't afford places like that
107. made prank phone calls? in florida with my cousin and her friend...."i like to buy a ticket tokyo...from where? i donno, that's why i call you, i lost!"
108. gone into a hallway and done the nasty? no but I remember sneaking into the boys bathroom when I was supposed to be building sets for a play...
109. gone skinny dipping? with my cousin, only girls, it's not nearly as fun I've been told
110. snuck out of your house? no
111. been in a fight? catfights with sisters, candace can beat me up...
112. what is your favorite website?
113. what is on your mousepad? MY mousepad has all the characters from the Masters of the Universe series
114. what is your favorite smell? i like country apple from B&BW and vanilla, and a cologne called Anarchy, I think
115. do you have any pets? nope all my pets are dead
116. is the glass half empty or half full? depends on what's in it
117. lefty, righty, or ambidextrous? right
118. do you type with your fingers on the right keys? yes and I am getting better at not looking at them, but when i'm tired i just type so off
119. what is under your bed? i loved it when melissa and I were rooming together and she answered that roommate!
120. what is your dream car? a red slugbug with a black stripe down the middle, spots on the doors and sides, and the front of the hood painted LadyBug
121. do you have any piercings or tattoos? i have pierced my ears three times and i have three holes to show for do the math
122. do you want any? too much of a hassle, if it weren't for a certain pair of earrings i received as a gift i wouldn't even have them pierced, i don't think
123. do you wear glasses? once for about 2 months
124. have you ever eaten a crayon? no
125. do you sing in the shower? no but i practice speeches there
126. do you talk to your pet? see #115
127. do you talk to yourself? of course she does...i do not, shut up you!
128. do you talk in your sleep? ask...wait, nm
129. do you snore? i think sometimes i do
130. do you shave your legs? only when i have to, i'm a sasquatch
131. what causes do you believe in? i believe in whatever cause is right, i don't like this question
132. what do you think is gross? boys, good answer nikki
133. what scares you? beckers
134. where are your ancestors from? ireland, england, germany, czechoslovakia (i don't know which part)
135. what do you say is funny? my friends
136. what is your worst injury ever? i lost a toenail once, thank you burkee
137. what is the hardest thing about growing up? realizing that sometimes love doesn't conquer all
138. favorite quote? ha ha ha, good one...let me get out the 50-page notpad i have full of quotes and just throw one at you randomly...
139. are you crossing your legs right now? nope
140. any closing statements? this was so not a good idea
141. what time is it? 10:31
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