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The quote at the begining is for far-off friends, and for Chris most of all

"Certain things I depend on, even if they're far away ~ one is the Sun ~ another is you."

~Pot Shots by Ashleigh Brilliant

And with that said, I'm home. And far away from most everyone.

I've been unpacking and I've been really good about it. I'm not just throwing stuff around, and I'm not leaving stuff in boxes. There are a few drawers and one pile of paper that I have to sort through but almost all the boxes are done. I was just taking a break to check email and LJ and comics...and oh how painful is dial-up Internet. But it's still Internet so I'm not complaining.

Anywho, as I was packing today and unpacking today I realized a few things, and they are below:

Ashley, I need your address, because I have two shirts and a pair of pants that I really don't want to give back but that I think you probably want. Did I mention that I don't want to return them?

Jordan, LOL, I owe you whatever the late fee is on that DVD...cause my mom and I were going to return it but then forgot and didn't remember until we were about half an hour out of I'll mail it to them on Monday.

Chris, I just plain miss you. That's all.

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