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And how accurate is this one? I think so.

A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:One who never sleeps.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Today was pretty good. I felt mostly well even though I had to blow my nose a lot. And I stayed up all night finishing the Clancy book. It was really satisfying. I will have to pick up more. I already have four books on my library list...and those are all in addition to the ones that I already have on my list. Speaking of lists, my "Already Read" list has four on it, three teen mysteries and the Tom Clancy book. I started on the first of the last two Feist books I borrowed from the library and the only other one I borrowed was Good Omens which I've already read so if it takes me too long to finish the others I might just return it unread to the library and pick up new ones. So, like any of you even cared about all that nonsense...

BTW, Jordan you were way wrong, I really thought the movie was horrible compared to the book. I mean, absolutely nothing was the same. If a scene was the same everything in the scene was changed. If what happened in the scene was the same the characters were different (and where did that girl come from?) And I couldn't tell who half the people were if I hadn't read the book. But maybe that's just me.

So really funny story...I turned in my sister's application to Party City today and about half an hour later Ben (hiring manager) comes over to me and asks me if Michele could call him, then he interrupts himself to say that I could give her her schedule so that doesn't matter, and that he would put her on the schedule for the week after her finals (when she said she could start). I almost laughed out loud. He hasn't even met her yet. I think they might have interviewed Candace, but I'm not sure. My interview consisted of Mike saying "Sara told me you were looking for more than a temporary position?" "Yes." "Okay, I'll hire you." Melissa, remember your "interview"?
Me: "This is my friend Melissa, she wants a job here."
Joe: "Do you recommend her?"
Me: "Yeah, of course."
Joe: "Alright then, since Lisa recommended you I'll hire you. But if you don't work out I get to fire you both."
All Kelsey is going to have to do is tell them her last name and they'll probably make her a manager or something. I love being loved. I am such a teacher's pet. And I'm excited about working with Michele. Although I already know she's going to ask me a million questions a day.

Lastly...Blockbuster is having a 2 pre-viewed DVD's for $20 I got Mona Lisa's Smile and Lost in Translation. I was gonna get something else that I really wanted, too, but I couldn't find a fourth that would justify spending $40 in one day. So I didn't get it. Which is just as well.

And on that note...where's my new crossword puzzle?

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