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I think Chris might be mad at me. I hope not.

I bought some new clothes today. Yay. I hope the jeans look nice, I never can tell without someone else's opinion.

I would like to say that I am tired of being made to feel as though I am not intelligent, able, or competent because I am not legally allowed to drive in the state of Michigan. Just because I don't have a lamenated piece of paper that says I may drive doesn't mean I don't know anything about driving or that I am physicall unalbe to do so. Not being legally allowed to drive also has no impaired my intelligence in any way shape or form. I can still think and do many things without that small piece of paper in my wallet. In fact, I think the only thing it really keeps me from doing besides driving itself is writing a check in person. So next time anybody feels the need to tell me I'm stupid or invalid because I don't have my license please think again. Thank you for listening.

I still haven't seen anybody but Matt and Troy this summer. Why is it that a part of me is really content to not see people that I want to see, but instead to just sit at home and read and work outside on the lawn, and work at Party City? I kind of like my routine and I don't want to change it even though I do want to see other people. I don't know.

My mom might take out this loan and use some of the money to pay off my credit cards. That's kind of cool. Means this summer money can be used for something else.

In other news, I am actually really interested in the Pistons vs. Lakers games. I actually watched the end of the last two, and even more surprisingly, I was interested in them. I think it's really cool. My parents both think that the city is going to riot if they win (like the did last time) so they are hoping that they don't win. I want them to win because I don't think they are going to riot, I think Detroit is different now. Maybe that's just me being naive.

Anyway, I'm still reading lots of stuff. I start Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone next. Which means I'll finally get to see the movies. (I didn't want to see them before I read the books.)
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