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So I went to Chicago this weekend and got my math test over with. There were 125 questions, and I think if I got 25 wrong I'd be surprised. There were a few probability and interest problems that I wasn't sure about but everything else was fine. If anything, I might have rushed it, but I don't think I screwed any problems up. I've found that if I go with my first instinct I'm more right than wrong.

I drove down with Troy. And for once, when I say I drove, I mean it. I drove for like 7 hours in two days. It was really cool. Troy claims to be a horrible passenger but he was really really calm espeically when I did stupid things. We had a good time. I got to see Debbie...and I got to see Katie!! Hello! I didn't even know she was there that week, and all of a sudden I rounded the corner and there she was!!!! Crazy stuff, I tell ya. Oh, and Cracker Barrel is really really good for breakfast food...especially the one in Jackson.

I spent my day off lying outside in the sun, I think I darkened my tan slightly (and I mean slightly). I also fixed up this necklace holder thing that I got from work. And I organized my tapes. I miss my laptop, I left it at Troy's. Speaking of computers, I also fixed up the one at home as much as I could, because someone downloaded a bunch of adware or something and it was taking forever to boot up and my family was complaining. Well, don't download crap from the Internet and it won't give you that many problems, people!

I need to clean my room, I'll probably do that tomorrow. And I get to go to Cedar Point on Wednesday with my sister's youth group, hopefully. I figure it might be my only shot this summer, so why not. I'm 21, so if anything I can be an adult chaperone or whatever.

I think I'm gonna get going now. I need to go to the library again, I have a whole list of books I need to pick up and read this summer. A bunch of classics. Anywho...later everyone!

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