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I had a really good day.

I got up way too early and worked for only three hours, which sucked, but it went by quickly and all my work will be for naught once customers shop the store, but whatever.

Then Bud picked me up and we had lunch at my new favorite restaurant. Mostly cause they serve English Breakfast tea. Troy loves their pot roast, and it is delish, I must say. Anyway, then we saw Spider-Man 2, which was good and probably better than the first. I like that MJ knows that he's Spider-Man now, that's really cool in my book. Then in the lobby we played DDR, which I forgot how much fun that is. We had a blast. I was rocking with perfects and greats (and I was on beginner but hey, I didn't think it would come back so quickly) and we might go do it regularly as like an exercise thing. Yeah. So then we went shopping and I threw away money at Hot Topic. Actually I really really like what I got. Which is my coat. MY coat. The trench coat that I have wanted for like a year. I got it. I love it. I want to wear it. And since I was using one of my 15% off cards I rationalized a few other things as well--a pair of pants and new arm warmers. I really like arm warmers. I'm a dork. I admit it.

I love my coat. I'm still hurting from the amount of money I shelled out today. But once I become a teacher I won't be able to splurge very often if ever and once I become a mom I can kiss random expensive unnessicities goodbye. So I splurged. I love my coat.

Then we rented the Bourne Identity cause we both want to see the new one and he hadn't seen the old one and I had wanted to rent it again before the new one came out. I really love the action in it. Then he had dinner and we watched a couple episodes of Friends (his favorite is the one where they lose the apartment, it's great). Then he left, and I played games with Kelsey for awhile, then I called Troy and we made some tentative plans for the rest of the week, and somewhere in there Chris sent me his new phone number so I'm going to call my boyfriend and tell him how cool I'm going to look for him when we go visit. And that he must take me out clubbing. Cause I said so.

Thanks for reading about my boring life.

PS. I saw Courtney and Becky both the other day...not together. One was nice to me, the other was short (as in not nice). Guess which was which.

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