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New mix cd

What songs would you put on a cd about feeling like a hypocrit or doubting the call or feeling like you are such a sinner that you couldn't be forgiven or that you shouldn't be in a leadership position helping other Christians?

What I have so far:

Man of God, Audio Adrenaline
Dandelions, Five Iron Frenzy
Phobic, Plumb
What If I Stumble, dc Talk
Done Unto Me, Destiny
Much Afraid, Jars of Clay
Run, Kutless
Breathe in Me, Michael W. Smith
When You Called My Name, Newsboys
Breathe (Benediction), Newsboys
Lord (I Don't Know), Newsboys
Trust You More, Peder Eide
There Is Only You, Smalltown Poets
For The Moments I Feel Faint, Reliet K
Heartbeat, Bleach
Lift Me Up, The Benjamin Gate

I'm not sure about all of them, especially the faster songs, because I kind of want a slower and more mellow cd. But I definitely want to end with Lift Me Up. Any suggestions of ones I should leave out or include?
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