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Good movie quotes...

Droz: What's this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy.

Katy: Hey, Droz, how 'bout this: Tonight, at the Pit, "Everyone Gets Laid."
Droz: It's tasteless, disgusting, and offensive. I love it.

Droz: What some advice?
Tom: Well, yeah.
Droz: Well, here's all you need to know: Classes, nothing before eleven. Beer, it's your best friend, you drink a lot. Women? You're a freshman, so it's pretty much out of the question. Will you have a car?
Tom: Uhh... no.
Droz: Someone on your floor will. Find them and make friends with them on the first day.

Pigman: AAAAAAAAH! PINS AND NEEDLES! Ooooooo... pins and needles... pins and needles.

Droz: Coffee! COFFEE NOW!!!"

Football Player: What's up babes?
Viveka Davis as Womynist #1: Pack up your rape culture and take a hike!
Football Player: You want a brewdog?
Womynist #1: We're not interested in your penis!
Maddie Corman as Womynist #2: Wait, wait, I think he's offering us a beer. um... yes... we... would... like... a... beer.
Football Player: Okay! (To fellow jocks) Hey! Gimme a beer! Gimme a beer!"
Womynist #1: It's like, if you're nice to them, they bring you things?
Womynist #2: Exactly.

And in other news...guys are dumb, and getting spoiled is not always a good thing.

That is all.

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