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The much anticipated Back to School Entry

Yeah, that was slightly sarcastic.

So I'm here, in my room all by myself, and it's pretty good so far. Haven't gotten lonely yet, though I did get extremely bored at one point. It took me three days to get my mail key, and once I did there was nothing to pick up anyway, which is quite the depressing thing. I'm expecting the checks for my new checking account. Yes, I did get a new checking account, it's all mine, not a joint one with Troy anymore. His idea. But it's exciting, although I don't have anything new yet to show for it. I need to sign up for direct deposit so that I don't have a limited number of transactions a month.

But I digress. School. Yes. Well, I have two classes, one on Wednesday nights and one EARLY on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Which means I'm getting up early, every day, which is good to get me ready for student teaching. Julie said she'd drive me over in the mornings cause we s.t. at the same school, so that too is good. I just have to be ready when she is, which will be fine, it's easier to get up and be ready by quarter after 7 than to get up and be ready to catch the bus at 5 or something.

But other than those two classes, I have heaps of free time, until I actually start to student teach. So...I think I'm going to audition for Proof. Phil's directing it and I've never worked under him before, which would be really awesome. And it will end right as I begin student teaching, so they shouldn't conflict. And I talked to Lori about it and she said it seemed like I could. And I talked to Jon about my schedule in the Writing Center and switching it halfway through the semester and he said that could be arranged, so the only thing left to do is audition. So...I probably won't get a part cause there are only two female roles but it's still exciting nonetheless.

And I guess that's my opening entry. It looks like I'll have plenty of time (except of course to talk to Chris because that time always seems to conflict with everything else....grr time differences suck arse) to get everything I need done, done. Oh, and I exercised yesterday, and I'm going to tonight as well, which is cool, and makes me feel good. Hopefully I can lose some of this excess fat on my legs. And I don't want to hear it, I would really like to get in shape, and getting in shape means that I'm not in shape now, and people who are not in shape have excess fat.

Anyway, if you read this far, you're most likely Chris or Matt or Troy. So hi to you!

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