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What a day

I guess this is part two of today.

I got a call from my cooperating teacher today. He asked me to write 7-10 lessons based on the election that incorporated math. GEEZ. I hate politics. If you have any ideas, let me know. So far, I'm probably going to do two days on statistics and polls, a day on the electoral college vs. popular vote, and maybe even a day on balancing the budget. There were a few more suggestions that people gave me, but I don't know a whole lot about them so I have to look up info to see how to incorporate it. The interesting part is that I have to try and make them usable for all grade levels, 9-12. So not too hard for advanced algebra but not too easy for calculus. The good news is that as part of student teaching I have to create a unit from scratch--and this certainly can be it. So help me out, any of you who are politically-minded.

Other good news: I did my laundry today and all of my socks came out of the dryers with a matching pair. That is a first, for my life, I think.

And a final bittersweet news: a girl Anna is good friends with on campus just found out that she has an inoperable tumor wrapped around her spine. She's already in a lot of pain and sleeping 15 hours a day, but Anna doesn't know how much longer she has, cause she's not thinking like that. The good part is that she's Jewish...but she wants to be baptized! Anna said she didn't know what to cry about more, the good or the bad. I don't know her very well, but she seems like a very kind person. The other bad part of it is that she has no family, because of the Holocaust. And her family for the past few years at least has been her community of Jewish friends, who have stopped talking to her since she started reading the new testament. So while she's going through this she's also losing her family, again. Please keep her in your prayers, and thank God for bringing her to a faith full of hope.

And now I think I'm done posting for the day.

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