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Weekend Update with Nancy Lee:

Our top story today--Julie, a.k.a. newsiesgirl00 is a traitor. She and I were supposed to give up AOL and MSN and Yahoo instant messaging for Lent. Well, no one thought that she would make it. She sure showed them--she lasted for a whole week and a half. Today she caved in. You know who I blame for this, besides Julie, cause she could have withstood the temptation. I blame phocalx. She talked to Brett today, he wanted to talk to the person responsible for making me impossible to get ahold of. And he yelled at her good, too. And apparently she took it to heart. But Sarah won't let me get on IM. She's a good friend. Julie sucks.

And now, a family matter. My little sister Michele, the one that I love, is getting poor grades in math right now, so much so that she can't play volleyball, so keep her in your prayers, cause she's in 8th grade, and it might be her last chance to play, cause she's not sure if she is going to try out in high school, she thinks she might not be good enough. So hopefully this will all work out.


We have just received a report that Julie has never managed to go the full 40 days whenever giving up something for Lent. In fact, sources have told us that the girl has lasted as long as 3 days previously. WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!?! I took a Lent sacrifice from someone who can't go the whole nine yards EVER!!! AHHHH!

And in other news, my life is a walking piece of irony at the moment. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Sources say I may be setting myself up for complete and utter heartache, but I don't even know if I have any say in anything anymore. All I know is that if I thought my life was a soap opera in high school, compared to now it was just an after-school special back then.

That's all for today, toon in next week as we talk about Bin Laden and his obsession with skunks.
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