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"There isn't that much ocean between Boston and St. John's"

So Chris and I have been talking about getting our wedding rings engraved. So I was looking up different sayings and messages that people have done, and I wanted to post some of my favorites. I'll bold the ones for Chris's ring and italicize the ones for mine. First, the humorous ones:

  • You wore me down
  • Be good Kiddo
  • Honey, I called dibs
  • Bloody hell
  • A deal's a deal
  • Mine, all mine!
  • Don't even think about it!
  • When the moon hits your eye...
  • Better than ice cream
  • Yes, I still love you
  • Happy now? Good.
  • Have you lost it yet?
  • Not for pawning
  • (his)PDM 1 of 2 Assimilated 13-06-00 (hers)MLR 2 of 2 Assimilated 13-06-00
  • Resistance was futile
  • Grumpybear Life w/o parole
  • Then it began to rain
  • Skinnamarinkydinkydink
  • If found, please return to...
  • Property of...
  • Wedding ring (on account of bath mats frequently say 'bath mat')
  • For a good time, call (spouse's name)
  • You are SO mine
  • Me and You (it's safe and...recyclable)
  • Engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering
  • If you're going through hell, just keep going
  • (hers)Left (his)Likely to be left

Now, the more serious ones...

  • The beginning of forever
  • Worth the wait
  • You are the reason
  • (his)I found love (hers)And love was you
  • Someone to watch over me
  • Today, tomorrow, forever
  • My everything
  • Can I keep you?
  • God for me provided thee
  • No one but you
  • This is all I desire

And then the ones that I'm thinking of...
(his)My true love hath my heart (hers)And I have his (from a poem by Philip Sidney)
And there are two ways to do this one
1. (hers)My beloved is mine (his)And I am hers
2. (his)My beloved is mine and I am hers (hers)My beloved is mine and I am his

The nice thing is that we'll probably be getting rings that are big enough for a slightly longer engraving if we need it. Anyway, I just thought I'd post this cause it's neat, and also so I can find the list again if I needed it.

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