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So for anyone who cares, I'm basically on task so far this year. My sleeping pattern needs some help, but that's to be expected for me. I'm only two chapters behind in my classroom management class, but I have time to catch up, so I'm not worried. The fact that I have read all the other chapters amazes me.

I started doing some research for my math/election unit. I found some great websites with lesson plans that I could adopt for my classes. I also found a site for a college class entitled "The Mathematics of Voting." There is so much there I could probably do 10 lessons based just on that. So I think I'll have no shortage of things to do.

I think when we talk about polling and representative polls we'll have the class try to poll the school but not be allowed to poll everyone, and discuss how to keep it representative and stuff. I think it will be interesting, and I think I'll learn a lot just from doing the unit.

Lori is looking over my portfolio and going to give me constructive feedback (not just criticism like I got at the review) on it so that I know what to look for when I get it ready for the final review in December.

I've got 12 hours a week in the writing center for a few weeks until ST starts, and Jon is going to pay me extra hours for any advertising that I do, so that would be good.

I'm planning out my days. I'm keeping my room clean and organized. I'm exercing at least 3 times a week, usually 4. Hopefully this week I'll do five, and stop by and get my card punched so that I can use the HPL after hours and on the weekends. Big projects that I need to do include sorting through all my papers and my files and discarding things I no longer need or want and just filing everything. If I can get that done by this weekend I'd be a lot happier.

Mostly, this year is starting off on a fairly good note. I've even managed to update some quotes on my website. So yeah. Oh, and speaking of that, I read this today and it really hit me:

"I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the one who for me does not consult his calendar." ~Robert Brault

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