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My fiance knows how to make me feel so much better...

This is part of the description to a new cellphone. Chris said it makes him think of me.

There seems to be a certain type of girl in every school or every movie about high school. She’s not the absolute hottest girl in class, but she’s hot enough that no dude would ever turn her down for a date. She’s not just good looking, but she’s smart too. Not like Angelina Jolie in Hackers smart, but still smart enough to be an honor student kicking most people’s ass GPA-wise. If you were a nerd, you wanted to hate this girl - she was too pretty to be that smart and too smart to be that pretty - but you couldn’t because she was nice too. She would talk to you like you weren’t a loser. She might have even done something really nice for you once or twice. She was hot and smart, and somehow it didn’t all go to her head - she was your dream date.

Awwww. I feel so loved.

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